Election Day 2012 – Bronx, NY USA

I want to thank the 274 people who voted for me on Election Day 2012, the people who volunteered to work for my campaign, my supporters and to the thousands of people in our neighborhood, the 80th Assembly District (Bronx, NY), who listened to my ideas and my plan for a better future:  a clean environment, social justice and a good economy for all.

To register to vote, to find your polling place or to change your party affiliation:  go to  elections.ny.gov  and follow the prompts.

I want to congratulate some of the Green Party candidates from around the USA who have won their election:

* Fred Smith, a former Harlem Globetrotters, was elected to the Arkansas State Assembly

*  Barbara Vedder was elected to the Board of Supervisors for Dane County, WI

*  Gayle McLaughlin was re-elected Mayor of Richmond, CA

*  David Marshall was re-elected to the Portland, ME City Council (District 2)

*  Kevin Donoghue was re-elected to Portland, ME City Council (District 1)

*  David Doonan was elected Mayor of Greenwich, NY

*  Jim Sullivan was elected Mayor of Victory, NY

*  Edward Shadid was elected to the Oklahoma City, OK City Council

*  Cam Gordon was elected to the Minneapolis, MN City Council

*  Michael Beilstein was elected to the Corvalis, OR City Council

*  Brian Cummins was elected to the Cleveland, OH City Council

There are now 135 Greens in public office in the USA (as of September 15, 2013).

Here in New York, dozens of Greens were on the ballot this year, campaigning and moving the issues (clean environment, social justice & a good economy for all) forward.  Mayor David Doonan was re-elected in Greenwich, NY (Washington County) in March 2012.  Jennifer Dotson was elected to the Ithaca Common Council.

The Green Party’s main website is at:  http://www.gp.org

The Election Day 2012 results are:

*  469,501 votes for Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala, Green Party candidates for President & Vice President.

The New York State Board of Elections has certified the following Election 2012 results:

*  15,591 votes (14% of the vote) for Michael Donnelly (Syracuse, NY) for State Senate

*  22,670 votes (8% of the vote) for Ursula Rozum (Syracuse, NY) for U.S. Congress

*  2,441 votes for ‘No Impact Man’ Colin Beavan (Brooklyn, NY) for U.S. Congress

*  2,991 votes for Vivia Morgan (Brooklyn, NY) for U.S. Congress

*  4,174 votes for Environmental Activist Don Hassig for U.S. Congress in Northern NYS

*  122 votes for Dan Zuger for State Assembly in the Bronx

*  4,498 votes (12% of the vote) for Andrew Langdon in Rochester, NY

Ursula Rozum and Michael Donnelly may be NY’s Green Gubernatorial ticket in 2014.  Petitioning begins in March 2014 for US Congressional candidate and in June 2014 for State candidates like State Assembly & State Senate.

The 4 Pillars of the Green Party are:  Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Non-Violence & Ecological Wisdom.  Visit http://www.gp.org for more info.

To register to vote with the Green Party or to change your party affiliation to Green Party go to:  http://www.elections.ny.gov/  and follow the prompts.  Vote for the good Green Party candidates on Election Day.  Together we can make a clean environment, social justice & a good economy for all happen.

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